Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones – caught up with people you may not see on a regular basis, shared laughs, celebrated over good times, and were there for each other during any difficult times over the holiday season.

I hope you are just as excited for this year as I am because 2019 is going to be an AMAZING one! You may still be in holiday mode right now and still unsure of what day of the week it is but don’t stop dreaming, visualizing, and thinking about all the goals you want to achieve this year.  This will keep your momentum going and get you to start taking action sooner.  Many people, including myself, tend to get excited about the new year and make all these goals of what we want to achieve but don’t take action on any of it feeling like we have the entire year still ahead of us.  Fast forward to the second half of the year, you may start feeling like you let yourself down.

Time to take action now

Don’t be that person this year!  The key to achieving what you set in your new year’s resolutions is to begin to take action on those goals as soon as possible.  This will make it more sustainable as you will have more time to achieve whatever your heart desires.  It also gives you more room to correct any mistakes or detours that happened along the way.  Right now, you also have Mars (the planet of action and motivation) in its home sign of Aries (fire and passion) which helps fuel your drive towards your goals and passions so make the most of that.

  • Start researching and planning that big trip you want to take this year
  • Look into what you need to do to start that business
  • Start that blog
  • Go see that healthcare professional you wanted to see and address your health NOW
  • Take that first step to making the diet change you want to make
  • Join the gym or fitness class you have been thinking about

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Make your goals, take action and get results

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