Social distancing - coffee on your own

COVID-19… what the world revolves around now.  Stock markets crashed. Oil is down.  Businesses are closing and schools are closed because of this phenomenon known as “social distancing”.  Gyms are closed.  All we can really do is be at home, sit on our computer and work, watch TV, and eat all day.  At the end of all of this, we will all probably gain a few pounds....Damn, summer is around the corner....



Social distancing at this current time is necessary to “flatten the curve” because this is spreading way too fast.  Numbers are rising exponentially in Europe and USA and even in Canada, since Friday, the numbers of confirmed cases have gone up way too fast.  Even if healthy young people are least susceptible to the severe outcomes like pneumonia, if they know they have been exposed or travelled, they should be self-isolating because they may be a carrier and “unleash” the virus in a sneeze, breath, or cough and a more vulnerable elderly or immunocompromised person will now get the virus and it could be much more deadly to him or her and complications can be lung damage and pneumonia - this will add to the overload the hospitals are already facing.  We need to lower the numbers to allow the hospitals to be able to manage severe cases more efficiently.  

Social distancing means avoiding large gatherings (50 people or more); working from home when possible; and, if you are at work, keeping a 6 foot (2m) distance from people.  This is why things are getting cancelled, schools and childcare facilities are closed and people are working from home.

2 meters apart



If you experience any of the following symptoms, please don’t go to your family doctor or ER and first call your local public health authorities at 811 – they will instruct you on what to do next.


COUGH (usually dry)


2. If you have travelled outside of Canada (I would actually suggest anyone who has been on a plane), please self-isolate yourself for 14 days and if you develop symptoms, call 811.

3. Don’t attend large gatherings of over 50 people




  1. Keep calm in the midst of chaos. Try to find ways to reduce your anxiety and stress to lower your cortisol and support your immune system.
  2. Exercise and Nature - With gyms closed, it’s harder to exercise but hopefully the weather is getting nicer so going out for walks. Social distancing just means avoiding large groups but you can go out for a walk.  You can also do home exercises.  Use this time get out in nature as much as possible while avoiding large groups - being around natural beauty will lower the stress and anxiety we all feel right now.
  3. Rest and Sleep - Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and practice going to bed at a decent hour.  A good sleep will keep your cortisol levels within normal and help improve immune health. Struggling with sleep, book an appointment and lets get to the bottom of your sleep issues.
  4. Self-care - social distancing and working from home will give you plenty of opportunities to engage in self-care activities
    • reading a book
    • baths
    • play music and have a solo dance party
    • watch some movies and do nothing
    • meditation
    • painting or drawing
    • home exercises via youtube
    • puzzles
    • cooking/baking
    • teach kids how to cook
  5. Nutrition - The grocery stores are running out of canned, frozen, and boxed items but there’s still a good selection of fruits and vegetables, meats, tofu, yoghurt, eggs, dairy alternatives. Get your vitamins and minerals to help support your immune system.  There's more time to cook at home and try out some healthy meals and batch cook and freeze for when the "rat race" starts up again.
  6. Hydrate - herbal teas and water flushes toxins out of the body
  7. Gargle - With sea salt and lukewarm water with a touch of turmeric if you feel a sore throat coming on
  8. Take your immune supporting herbs and nutritional supplements - book an immune support appointment to find out what YOU could be taking
  9. Come in for an injection or IV - To get some key immune nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, glutamine, and lysine into the body by bypassing the gut which helps to maximize absorption of nutrients. [We are practicing the 6 foot rule at the clinic]
  10. Stay in touch with family and friends - Via facetime, whatsapp, text messages or phone calls. Social distancing can be isolating since we are social creatures and need some form of social interaction for our mental wellness.
  11. "Schoolwork for Kids" - Since children are off school indefinitely at the moment, visit your local educational supply store and pick up some workbooks for your kids to keep them in learning mode.  If you are in Toronto and reading this, Sonsuh Educational Supplies is awesome for workbooks.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, DON'T FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS WITH WARM WATER AND SOAP FOR 20 SECONDS FREQUENTLY - every time you enter a building, touch something that could be contaminated, and before you eat anything or touch your face/mouth/eyes.  Soap helps wash off the virus from entering the skin.


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