Bulletproof coffee

Does coffee make you feel jittery? Perhaps you are looking for a more nutritious and healthy take on coffee.  Bulletproof coffee is one way to enjoy your morning cup while helping to mitigate some of the jittery-ness the caffeine might spark.  The main thing with this type of coffee is that it contains MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) which can be used for energy and also helps to make you feel more satiated as MCT is a healthy fat.  Fats also help lower the sudden caffeine rush you get from an ordinary cup of coffee.

You can spend money on buying the Bulletproof MCT oil that is available or you can make your own bulletproof coffee using coconut oil and/or grass-fed butter or ghee.  The more fat, the more the “creamy” mouthfeel you will get.  Ghee is used in East Indian cooking and can be found in most grocery stores.  It is clarified butter, meaning, lactose and most of the milk proteins (casein and whey) are removed and you are left with the fat so it is generally ok for people who have a milk protein sensitivity or who are lactose intolerant.  Just as a caution, there may be trace amounts of casein so if you have a severe milk protein allergy or sensitivity, I urge you to avoid ghee and grass-fed butter and stick to only the coconut oil.

Here’s my bulletproof coffee recipe – the key is to blend the coffee, hot water, ghee and coconut oil together in a magic bullet or another blender.


  • 1 cup black coffee (french press, freshly ground)
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 tsp ghee
  • powdered jaggery, to taste.   (Can also add honey, maple syrup, stevia as your natural sweetener of choice)


  1. Add the coconut oil and/or ghee to your black coffee.
  2. Put in a blender and blend until coffee is blended, frothy and “creamy”.
  3. Pour into a cup and add jaggery, honey, stevia, or another natural sweetener as desired.
  4.  Enjoy!

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