What Happens During a Complimentary Meet and Greet?

  1. Meet the naturopathic doctor
  2. Learn what naturopathic medicine is, the therapies that are involved within the scope of naturopathic medicine, and what kind of training naturopathic doctors have undergone
  3. Let the naturopathic doctor know what your concern(s) is/are that made you seek out naturopathic medicine and find out how she can help you.
  4. When possible, the ND will provide you with a rough estimate of treatment timelines based on your concern
  5. Figure out the next step involved to become a patient!
  6. Ask any other questions you have
  7. Book your initial appointment

Complimentary meet and greets are also available over phone.  Just complete the contact form by clicking the button below and state you would like a complimentary meet and greet over phone.

Please note that the free consults are brief, educational visits and no assessment or treatment will be conducted.