Ascent Integrative Health

Downtown Calgary

Initial Naturopathic Visits: $165.00 (90 minutes)

Second Follow-up visit: $110.00 (1 hour)

Subsequent Follow-up visits: vary in price and duration

Prolotherapy: 1 hour - Call for cost

IV Nutrient Therapy: Call for cost

Contact Ascent Integrative Health for appointment fees at 403-262-1121

Benefits of Seeing Dr. Shah at this clinic:

A multidisciplinary clinic with the ability to see chiropractors, physiotherapists, RMTs, and an acupuncturist as well to maximize your health goals (Contact Reception to inquire about fees for other healthcare providers)

Collaboration with the other healthcare providers at the clinic to see what the best treatment plan for you is

Intramuscular injections for energy support available (additional fee applied).

Injection therapy, such as prolotherapy for pain management is also offered at this clinic by Dr. Shah (additional fee applied)

IV therapy offered

Specialized functional testing available (additional fee)

Right downtown on the C-train line (free fare zone) and on the #301 Bus route

Supplements are available through online (Dr. Shah will send you a link to purchase) or at local health stores. Some supplements will soon be available in the clinic.

Vitamins First Clinic

North Calgary

Adult Initial Visit: $155.00 (90 minutes)
Child Initial Visit: $130 (1 hour) [12 and under]

Second Follow-up Visit: $105.00 (1 hour)
Child Second Follow-up Visit: $90.00 (45 minutes) [12 and under]

Subsequent Follow-up Visits for Adults and Children: price varies based on duration. Call to inquire

Contact Dr. Shah for appointment fees via 403-968-8514 or

Benefits of seeing Dr. Shah at this clinic:

Dr. Shah offers general naturopathic care at this location.

Intramuscular energy support injections offered only (additional fee)

Specialized functional testing available (additional fee)

Free parking available

Some supplements may be available in the health food store the clinic is within