Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic medicine uses an individualized and holistic approach to helping you get to the bottom of your health condition(s).
Naturopathic Modalities
Learn about the treatment modalities a naturopathic doctor is trained in and can be part of your treatment plan.
Additional Services Offered
Learn about the additional services Dr. Shah offers in her practice.
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Learn about Dr. Shah's journey in becoming a naturopathic doctor here.
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Some of the common conditions that naturopathic medicine can help you with.
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Direct billing is available for selected insurance companies at both clinics.
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Women's and Hormonal Health
Improve mood and energy by ensuring your hormones are in balance
Stress Management
Help you better able to cope with stress while supporting your adrenals
Mental and Emotional Health
Your mental and emotional health is JUST as important as your physical health - they both impact each other.
Children and Adolescents
Get your children empowered to begin looking after their health and making healthy habits now so they can carry them on as they get older.
Digestive disturbances can be the gateway for many chronic diseases so optimizing your digestive health is vital to a healthy you!
Spring Allergies

Welcome Spring … and Allergies!

Spring has officially sprung on us and this means allergy season is here too – likely a dreaded time of year […]

Good nutrition and eliminating food sensitivities helps improve digestive health

Digestive Health & Stress Affects Your Immune System

Establishing an optimally functioning immune system goes beyond just taking immune stimulating herbs and supplements from your local health food store.  There […]


Scoliosis: It’s NOT just Physical

December 16th, 2016 marked 14 years since one of the most significant events in my lifetime so far.  It’s scary […]

Backstrong Health, South Calgary

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Vitamins First, North Calgary

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